Kitchen Exhaust hoods

Kitchen Exhaust hoods


“Reduce fat and grease significantly and environmentally friendly – Automated and intelligent purification of exhaust air”

“Efficient odour and grease reduction in commercial kitchens”

Grease deposits in kitchen hoods and exhaust air ducts of commercial kitchens cause high maintenance costs, severe odour nuisances and increased fire hazards. Treatment with high-energy UV radiation photolyzes, destroys and neutralizes the molecules of grease and odours. This keeps the kitchen hood surfaces clean and substantially minimizes exhaust ductwork cleaning and maintenance costs


Application areas 

 Cafeteria and restaurant kitchens 

Front cooking stations 

 Mobile event cooking 

Grill stations 

Fast food restaurants 

Bakeries ν 

 Coffee roasters


  • Reduces fire risk 
  • Space-saving: 1 lamp instead of a standard UV cassette with 4-6 low-pressure lamps. 
  • Effectiveness duration: up to 10,000 h due to new Long-life coating 
  • Ambient temperature: can be up to 80° C ν Easy handling: 1 power supply and 2 spring clips per lamp are sufficient 
  • Easy installation: the lamp installs directly into the hood, while the power supply and control unit mount externally 
  • Independent system: two separate installations can be operated independently with one control unit 
  • Cleaning: Wipe lamp occasionally with damp cloth 
  • Easy maintenance through remote fault diagnostics 
  • Interface to building control system 
  • Monitor UV lamps for operating hours and function 
  • Clear status information for the operating personnel