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Eight years involved with the nuclear industry have taught me that when nothing can possible go wrong and every avenue has been covered


A Company To Change The World We're SK ECO AIR TECH.

Our company SK ECO AIR TECH is a Make in India startup venture providing best solutions for COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL KITHCEN EXHAUST HOODS & INDUSTRIAL AIR SOLUTIONS IN THE BRAND NAME OF JET – KIT, we are fully qualified and insured to deal with enquiries in both a commercial and Residential kitchen Exhaust Hood, and Industrial Air solution we regularly provide high quality customer service on project we undertake and we deal with all types of projects – large and small.

Our company supplies its products to a large number of industries and institutions worldwide. Our customer base is comprising factories within the food industry, commercial kitchens. Our company strives to become the leading provider of outsourced facilities services in India & United Arab Emirates

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Harry Oliver,

CEO of Steeler Industrial


Our vision is to lead the industry in creating healthier living spaces and environmentally responsible industrial facilities through our exhaust solutions.  With our commitment to innovation, we envision a future where clean air is a fundamental right for all, fostering a healthier world for generations to come.


Our mission is to be the premier provider of commercial exhaust ducting solutions, catering to residential and industrial sectors. We are dedicated to ensuring cleaner, safer, and more efficient environments by offering cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise in air pollution control.

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Our products are precision-manufactured with high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
We employ advanced machinery including polishers, hydraulic presses, and lathes in our manufacturing unit.
Key features include fine finish, ease of use, and low maintenance.


Round-the-clock availability of skilled technicians for commercial kitchen equipment maintenance and repair. Quick and flexible service to accommodate your schedule - simply contact our service number. Vast experience with numerous commercial kitchen installations and maintenance projects.


We prioritize quality in our production, using the latest techniques and premium materials. Rigorous testing by experts ensures our products meet high-quality standards. Quality is the deliberate outcome of intention, effort, direction, and execution, reflecting informed choices.

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Opt for a single professional installer to maximize savings and kitchen efficiency. Our experienced engineers excel in installation and maintenance, ensuring equipment longevity and safety. Quality service without the hassle of multiple vendors


We prioritize quality through advanced production techniques and premium materials.
Rigorous expert-supervised testing ensures top-tier products.
Quality reflects deliberate intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution for our company's growth.

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Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’ business and industry.



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